Tricia is a wife, mother, small business owner, writer and closet inventor.  She loves music (anything but country), cooking and feeding people, and recently competed in her first (possibly last) sprint triathlon. She relishes time at home since it's a rare luxury but aspires to travel more. Loves to work out but hates running and is annoyed by those who act as if they don't. Her major pet peeve is littering which she thinks should be punishable by the death penalty.  ("Just think how much cleaner the planet would be").  She tries to surround herself with people who are genuine, hard-working, unpretentious and don't own a selfie stick. She thinks the world would be a better place without Facebook and people who wear pajamas in public, hats during the national anthem or bows in their hair after age 8.  Her shortcomings include driving in reverse, diplomacy and having absolutely no natural sense of  direction. Loves red wine, black jellybeans and blue cheese. Feels the safest and most blessed when hanging out with her husband and two kids.  

Motto:  Have fun. Be kind. Give back.  

(But don't announce it to the world every time you do.) 

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